Frequently Asked Questions

Library cards: How do I get a library card?

Your library card for Chemeketa is your Chemeketa ID card. CCRLS public library cards can be used to request public library books or obtain a partners' card. For information about obtaining cards, please see Obtaining a borrower's card.

Textbooks: Does the library have my textbook?

The library does not purchase the textbooks for Chemeketa courses. Instructors may place copies of textbooks on Academic Reserve in the library. To see whether the library has your textbook, use the Course reserves search to look up your course number. (Example: ART205). Most textbook reserves check out on your ID card for two hours of in-library use.

Computers: How can I use a computer in the library?

Please see the the Borrowers' Services page for full information.

Copying: Where can I make copies? How much do they cost?

The library has three black and white photocopy machines. Copies are $.05 per page.

The Chemeketa Copy Center, located in Building 43, has a color copier/printer. Color copies/prints are $.50. Generally the Copy Center is unable to do while-you-wait copying; materials must be left or e-mailed. For more information please contact the Copy Center at 503.399.5166.

Printing: Can I print from computers in the library?

Yes. Printing costs $.05 per page. For full information on our printing system, please see About Printing and Copying at Chemeketa.

Scanners: Does the library have scanners I can use?

There are two scanners for student use, located at: Academic Station 01 and Student Station 25. Help from an Instructional Assistant is available if needed.

Wireless network: How do I access the wireless network?

  1. Connect to the network CCC-Connect.
  2. You will be redirected to a login page
  3. Use your My Chemeketa username and password
 to log in
  4. Follow the instructions presented.

Visitors should ask for assistance at the Circulation desk.

Wireless network: Can I print from the wireless network?

Yes. For information please see our Wireless Printing page

Off campus access: Can I access your electronic resources from off campus?

Yes, from the library search on the home page or from the library's Database pages. You will need your My Chemeketa user name and password as a login.

Do you have electronic books?

Yes. Please see our About E-Books page.

Fines: Can I pay library fines or fees online?

Not at this time, but you can pay over the phone. Please contact the circulation desk at 503.399.5043.

Do you have a pencil sharpener, hole punch, paper cutter, etc.?

A sharpener and paper cutter are located in the Print Center, next to the Circulation desk. There is a hole punch at the end of the Circulation counter.

Updated: 14 September 2015