Service Areas

  Phone Link to E-mail Form
Administration 503.399.5105 E-mail
Acquisitions 503.399.5177 E-mail
Circulation 503.399.5043 E-mail
Digital Repository 503.399.5168 E-mail
Interlibrary Loan 503.399.5216 E-mail
Media Purchases 503.399.5168 E-mail
Periodicals 503.589.7616 E-mail
Reference 503.399.5231 E-mail
Salem Reserves 503.399.5156 E-mail
Yamhill Library 503.316.3238 E-mail
Yamhill Reserves 503.316.3293  

Library Staff

  Phone Function Link to E-mail Form
Natalie Beach 503.399.5105 Director E-mail
Teresa Bell 503.399.5043 Instructional Assistant E-mail
Tricia Bender 503.399.5216 Interlibrary Loans E-mail
Michele Burke 503.365.4711 Reference Librarian E-mail
Shannon Eagles 503.399.5154 Library Technology Service Coordinator E-mail
Lianne Hargie 503.399.5231 Reference Librarian E-mail
Brian Hasenstab 503.399.5178 Cataloger E-mail
Beth Anne Huffine 503.399.5231 Reference Librarian E-mail
Diana Inch 503.399.3916 Instructional Assistant, Reference Librarian E-mail
Katey Jordan 503.399.2551 Department Assistant E-mail
Angela Miller 503.399.5040 Circulation Coordinator E-mail
Donna Northey 503.589.7618 Circulation Clerk E-mail
Jerry Oei 503.399.3917 Instructional Assistant E-mail
Sue Ryan 503.589.7616 Periodicals E-mail
Mary Schroeder 503.399.3912 Instructional Assistant E-mail
Jennifer Silkey 503.316.3275 Yamhill Library-Tutoring Lead E-mail
Heather-Laura Simpson-Howell 503.399.5156 Reserves & Evening-Weekend Lead E-mail
Cindy Stavenhagen 503.399.5231 Reference Librarian E-mail
Friday Valentine 503.399.5168 Digital Assets Curator E-mail
Kathleen Veldhuisen 503.399.5203 Reference Librarian E-mail
Sarah Viscuso 503.399.5177 Financial Services Tech 1 E-mail
Janice Weide 503.399.5231 Reference Librarian E-mail
Brandon Wilkinson 503.316.3238 Reference Librarian E-mail
Dawn Williams 503.589.7607 Patron Registration E-mail
Theresa Yancey 503.399.2546 Reference Librarian E-mail
Jennfer Zima 503.316.3238 Yamhill Circulation  

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