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 A summary of ebook types and their capabilities is available as a PDF file, suitable for printing. There is an HTML version of the same information.

Chemeketa Community College Library has approximately 80,000 electronic books in its collection. These books appear in the library catalog; the main screen for the book includes a link that will take the user to the full text. These books are licensed for use by Chemeketa Community College students, faculty, and staff. Off-campus users will be asked to supply their My Chemeketa user name and password.

If you wish to bypass the catalog and go directly to the ebook platform, where you can search in the full text of books, please see our page listing databases by type.

 Ebook Accessibility for Users With Visual Impairments

Our electronic books are accessible to users with visual impairments.

 Guides To Using Ebooks

 Ebooks From Partner Libraries

The catalog also includes electronic books from Chemeketa's partner organizations. Library2Go downloadable books are provided through CCRLS, and any CCRLS library user may borrow them. The user must first download some free software onto his computer. For more information about Library2Go, see the Library2Go Help Page.

The Orbis Cascade Alliance of 37 college and university libraries purchases shared electronic books and makes them available through its catalog, Summit. Records for these books are also in the Chemeketa catalog; on clicking the link your will be asked to choose your institution, Chemeketa, and then provide your My Chemeketa user name and password. Only employees and Chemeketa students registered for at least one credit are eligible to use these materials.


Any Internet computer in the Chemeketa Community College library can access electronic books through the catalog or by going directly to the site. If using databases from off campus, you will need your My Chemeketa user name and password.

Persons not having a valid ID card can use Chemeketa ebooks by visiting the library. This does not apply to shared, Orbis Cascade Ebook Program books.

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 Using ebooks in a paper or other academic product

How to cite electronic books in APA or MLA styles.

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Updated: 7 October 2014