Internet Search Help/Guías de búsqueda

Aids for Searching on the Internet

Here are tools to assist in developing Internet search skills. Included are self-paced tutorials as well as Internet sites that track and review various search engines, subject directories, and other Internet search tools.


BulletFinding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
Excellent self-guided tutorial from U.C. Berkeley. Includes comparisons of different search engines.

BulletTILT Information Literacy Tutorial
A fun animated tutorial from the University of Texas. Requires Shockwave. 1)Click "Full Tilt," near the bottom of the screen. 2)Then click "Enter Tilt" at the bottom of the "Get Ready Page. 3)On the "Registration" page, click "Guests" to enter without registering.


Guides to Internet Search Tools

BulletSearch Engine Watch
Edited by Danny Sullivan, this site includes reviews, ratings, and tests of a wide range of Internet search tools.

BulletSearch Engine Showdown
Developed and maintained by Greg Notes, a reference librarian at Montana State University, this site includes reviews and statistics on various search tools.

Guías en español

Guía de ayuda; vea "Tips y atajos" para encontrar ayuda básica.
BulletAprenda la Red
Guía que explique como usar navegadores Web, como buscar en la Web, y más.

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