Guide to Internet Search Tools/Guía de las herramientas de búsqueda

Search Tools

For those who have little or no experience searching the Internet, you may wish to begin your search with a directory such as Yahoo! which organizes information under various categories.

Search Engines

BulletAlta Vista -
One of the larger search engines on the Internet. Provides basics and advanced search forms. Users can also choose to search from 14,000 Usenet newsgroups. An image search is available.
BulletAsk -
A search engine with special search tools for news, weather, images, and encyclopedias.  Some searches provide options to narrow search, expand search, or search for related terms.
BulletGigablast -
Over 2 billion web pages. Offers archived copies of pages in results, and a link to older archived copies through the Wayback Machine."
BulletExcite -
Utilizes concept searching. This search tool will not only look for your search terms, but Excite will automatically search for possible synonyms.
BulletGoogle -
The favorite. Clutter free search interface.  Pages are ranked based on links from other pages.
BulletLycos -
Permits a range of search types, for example, audio, video, people, and the Web.
BulletYahoo -
Aims at being a fast, comprehensive search engine with fresh content.

Meta-Search Engines

BulletDogpile -
A search tool which allows the user to many other search tools simultaneously. Also permits users to search newswires, audio, video, and directories. -
Choose among a dozen or so search tools to search at once.  Also includes category searches such as News, Yellow Pages, or Images.
BulletMetaCrawler -
With this search engine, the user can search many tools with one easy search. -
A meta-search engine from CNET which covers dozens of search engines.
BulletYippee -
Organizes search results into clusters of responses by category.

Directories -
A collection of some 700 guides. Each guide is developed and maintained by "certified subject specialists," and contains original content as well as links.
BulletAcademic Info -
Internet sites intended for college and university level research.
BulletInfomine -
Links to over 15,000 Internet sites arranged under ten general categories. Organized and maintained by librarians at the University of California. Intended for university-level research.
BulletIPL2 -
A collection of resources carefully selected by librarians and students.
BulletOpen Directory Project -
More than a half million sites selected and categorized by humans. Basic and advanced search features are also available.
BulletWWW Virtual Library -
Touted as the oldest catalog on the web, this tool was created by Tim Berners-Lee, the original creator of the World Wide Web. Sites are listed under sixteen different categories.
Bullet*Yahoo -
At over 1.5 million web sites, Yahoo qualifies as one of the largest directories on the Internet.

Specialized Subject Search Tools

BulletUSA -
The official U.S. government search tool for finding information from local, state, and U.S. government agencies.
BulletHealthfinder - 
A gateway to popular health issues.  Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
BulletMEDLINEplus -
A collection of medical related information primarily produced by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.
BulletFindLaw -
A collection of over 25,000 edited legal Internet sites.  
BulletScirus -
A search engine for scientific content in web sites and journal indexes.
BulletWayback Machine -
Ever looked for some great page that used to be on the Web, but isn't any more? The Wayback Machine can take you there, with billions of archived pages back to 1996. (Note: if you don't know the URL, try searching in Gigablast, which links to Wayback Machine "archived pages" in its results.)

Motores de búsqueda con acceso en español

BulletExcite España -
Busca en el Web por conceptos. Excite busca documentos con sus palabras claves y con otros términos directamente relacionados con esas palabras.
BulletGoogle -
Buscador facil para buscar con palabras claves o en su directorio del Web.
BulletStarmedia -
Buscador que permite una búsqueda de toda la Web o de sitios en español.


BulletIxquick -
"El único motor de búsqueda que no registra su dirección IP."
BulletXaarky -
Un metabuscador latinoamericano.

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