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Good Starting Places: Reference Books 

Reference books are a good place to start research. They can help you find background information, choose topics, and understand concepts and terminology. To access online resources from off campus you will need a your My Chemeketa user name and six-digit password; host provider students may obtain a login from the instructor or librarian.

Encyclopedias & Handbooks 

Browse business encyclopedias


To access online resources from off campus you will need a your My Chemeketa user name and six-digit password; host provider students may obtain a login from the instructor or librarian.

Browse dictionaries of accounting and auditing

Browse dictionaries of business management

Browse dictionaries of economics and finance

Browse dictionaries of hospitality, travel, and tourism

Browse dictionaries of media and communication

Search OneLook dictionaries of business and economics world symbol indicating that this resource is available to anyone, from all locations

Oxford Dictionary of Business and Management

A dictionary of Economics

Other Reference Sources 


For business directories please see Directories

Company Histories

Company histories are included in Business Insights: Global.

Market Information

Market research and market share information is included in Business Insights: Global

Sample Business Plans

Small Business Resource Center has sample business plans and many other resources for starting a business.

Finding More Electronic Books 

To access these books from off campus you will need your My Chemeketa user name and six-digit password. Type a word or phrase describing the subject in the search space below:


Finding Articles on Your Subject

All the electronic databases listed in this section may be accessed by going to the library's Database Page. If you are accessing the databases from a location other than Chemeketa Community College, remember to click the link marked, "Off-campus users."

Journal Article Databases 

These tools index and/or provide full text access to articles in magazines, newspapers, and scholarly or professional journals.


You may need to combine multiple search terms to find articles on your topic. Many databases have an Advanced Search screen that has find a form for entering multiple terms.

picture of Gale Advanced Search screen

TIP: When using keywords, try truncating: theor* finds theory, theories, theoretical, etc. (* is the truncation character for Gale).

If you find an article that meets your needs, look at its description for additional terms you can use to search.

Academic OneFile [Gale] More information about this database
The best place to start. Has journals in all the sciences.
Business Insights: Global [Gale] More information about this database
Business Insights: Global covers over 6,000 publications, including numerous trade publications and peer-reviewed business journals. Includes indexing to the Wall Street Journal (2008-present) and Oregon Business Magazine (1985-present). Also contains detailed company and industry profiles; to access them, search on a company name and then click the "Company Profiles" tab.
Also has information from many Gale reference books.
InfoTrac Business Economics and Theory Collection More information about this database
InfoTrac Business Economics and Theory Collection covers academic journals and magazines in economics. Contains over 450 full-text journals and has video from Forbes.
LexisNexis Academic More information about this database
Has business and financial news, U.S. and international company financial information from government or private sources, market research, industry reports, and SEC filings. Also has business directory information
Small Business Resource Center More information about this database
Small Business Resource Center includes nearly 200 business journals, as well as many books relating to business.

Finding Images 

You may wish to find photos or diagrams of your subject. Britannica ImageQuest is a searchable database of more than two million images. All images are rights-cleared for non-commercial, educational use.

To access online resources from off campus you will need a your My Chemeketa user name and six-digit password; host provider students may obtain a login from the instructor or librarian.

Special Guides 

Resources on the Web 

Customized Search

Try our customized search, or browse the list of sites below.

For business statistics, please see Useful Statistics Sites


Browsing List

Fidelity Stock Research Center
Database searchable by stock and fund ticker symbols from stock exchanges. Generates stock charts on demand and can also provide historical price quotes.
Beige Book -
A report published by the Federal Reserve Board eight times each year, the Beige Book reports on economic trends in each of the twelve Federal Reserve districts. A link at the foot of the page leads to other monetary policy tools and documents. -
Sample business and marketing plans.
Bureau of Economic Analysis -
Economic information about the United States. Contains data on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the form of news releases and the latest issue of the Bureau's publication, Survey of Current Business.
Econ Data & Links -
List of recent economic data for the US economy, state of California, other countries.
EDGAR, the electronic data gathering, analysis and retrieval system -
Electronic filings by corporations to the US Securites and Exchange Commission. The actual annual report to shareholders (except in the case of investment companies) need not be submitted on EDGAR, although some companies do so voluntarily. The annual report on Form 10-K or 10-KSB, however, which contains much of the same information, is required to be filed on EDGAR.
Hoover's online -
Online version of directory of business information. Click on Companies & Industries. Type a company name in the search space, or use the Build Company List function below. Some portions of the database are for members only, but there is much free information in capsule form. Links to over 500 employers that offer recruiting pages on the web.
Knowledge At Wharton -
Wharton School of Business site with articles based on Wharton research; contains information on subjects including business ethics, leadership, and health economics, among others. Requires free registration.
Page One Economics -
An "economic information portal for librarians and students." Includes links to international, national, and regional resources and the International Economic Statistics Database."
Patents: Foreign Patents via Espacenet -
European patent applications and issued patents in their original language, Japanese patent first pages in English (1976-present), patents issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization, in their original language (1990-present).
Patents: Google Patents -
Google has an easy patent search that covers U.S. and world patents. There is a built in viewer and PDF download, even for older patents. 
Patents: U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Patent Databases -
Free access to patent database which is complete back to 1976.Searchable by Boolean keywords or by patent number. The full text of the patent is available in HTML. Images may be viewed by clicking on a button, but require a browser plugin which can interpret a TIFF G4 image. Pre-1976 patents are searchable by patent number and viewable only as a TIFF file.
Beginner's Guide to Business Research -
A tutorial from CUNY that will teach the user how to find information about companies by using the World Wide Web. Although some of the library resources are based on the Baruch College collection, some of the databases, e.g., Business & Company Resource Center (Now called Business Insights - Global) are in Chemeketa's collection as well.
Starting Your Business (U.S. Small Business Administration) -
Packed with helpful information about small business, this site includes a business plan tutorial.
Thomas register of American manufacturers -
Online version of directory of business information. You can look up a particular kind of manufactured goods, e.g., Zoo Equipment, and find out who manufactures it. Some manufacturer's catalogs can be viewed here. Free, but you must register to use it the first time.
Trademarks: U.S. Trademark Information Page -
Free access to U.S. trademark information, from the Patents and Trademarks Office. Click "Search Trademarks" to use the Trademark Electronic Search System. The basic search will let you look for words or phrases in trademarks. Clicking on "Boolean" will let you search all the fields in the database and combine terms.

Streaming Video Databases

Intelecom Online Resources Network lets instructors and students access video clips covering a range of key concepts and topics, including business and management.

Finding Additional Resources

See a list of printed reference books.

The library subscribes to the following current periodicals in printed form:

  • Black Enterprise
  • Business Horizons
  • Business Journal
  • Business Week
  • Forbes
  • Fortune
  • Harvard Business Review
  • HRMagazine: On Human Resource Management
  • Inc
  • Oregon Business
  • Poder Hispanic
  • Vineyard & Winery Management.
  • Workforce Management

Finding other books and and audiovisual materials 

Use the library catalog to look for additional materials

  • The catalog page includes instructions on using the catalog, as well as links to other library catalogs
  • You can search by key words, by authors, or by subject headings
  • A suggestion on where to find subject headings to use in the catalog is given below

picture of catalog screen

Fig. 1. The library catalog search

The Library of Congress has a arrow showing important tip Web site where you can search for subject headings. When you put in a search term, the results will list terms in a table. Those with a red button marked, "Authorized and references" are terms that the Library of Congress uses in subject catalogs. Clicking the button may show more specific ("narrower") terms.

You may have to do several searches in the library catalog to find books that might be pertinent to your subject. Try different combinations of key words.

If you live in the Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library Service (CCRLS) district, you may also access the catalog online at your local public library. In addition to the books in the Chemeketa College Library, the catalog also contains the collections of the 17 public libraries located in the regional library district. You can request books through the catalog, and can pass your search through to Summit (see below).


Chemeketa students registered for credit may use Summit, the Orbis Cascade Alliance catalog, to request items from 37 member libraries in Oregon and Washington. Summit uses a search called WorldCat. Authorized users have access to all of the material in the Chemeketa Community College library, plus about 28 million items in Summit. Chemeketa users may request items using the barcode number from their ID card, and have them sent to Chemeketa, or they may set up a Visiting Patron account at another Alliance library.

To comment or request help, please e-mail Reference or call 503.399.5231.

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