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Britannica Online - Online version of the old standby


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Autism Spectrum Disorders
A reference handbook.
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development
An interdisciplinary approach
Child Abuse Sourcebook
Information and statistics on various aspects of child abuse, with a list of resources
Child Development
Covers physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development from infancy to adolescence.
Encyclopedia of addictions
Substance and behavioral addictions are covered.
Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media
Encyclopedic presentation of research on the effects of media on the young.
Encyclopedia of counseling, 4 v
Covers theories, models, techniques, and issues in counseling.
Encyclopedia of education and human development, 3v
A three-volume encyclopedia that includes developmental psychology.
Encyclopedia of educational psychology, 2v
Overview of topics in this field, in two volumes.
Encyclopedia of Identity
Concepts relating to psychological, social, and political aspects of identity.
Encyclopedia of multicultural psychology [REF 155.82 En1 2006 and online]
A scholarly source on multicultural psychology
Encyclopedia of Sleep And Dreams
A multidisciplinary encyclopedia on sleep and dreaming.
Encyclopedia of social psychology, 2v
Covers the most important concepts in social psychology.
Encyclopedia of substance abuse prevention, treatment, & recovery, 2v
The full scope, including the psychology of substance abuse.
The Encyclopedia of the brain and brain disorders
Covers brain anatomy and function, including memory.
Encyclopedia of the life course and human development, 3v
Examines: childhood and adolescence; adulthood; and later life.
Encyclopedia of trauma and traumatic stress
Covers psychological trauma, physiology related to stress, and stress disorders.
The Gale encyclopedia of mental health, 2v
Detailed information on mental disorders and therapies.
International encyclopedia of the social sciences, 2008, 9v
Updated edition of a standard reference includes "scholarship and fields that have emerged and matured since the publication of the original."
International encyclopedia of the social sciences, 1968, 17v
The original, classic work.
Learning and memory: A comprehensive reference
A complete survey of research concerning learning and memory, in four volumes.
Oxford companion to the mind
This one-volume encyclopedia has 900 entries on subjects relating to psychology.
Psychology basics, Rev. ed., 2v
A two volume, introductory level encyclopedia.

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Social Science 


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