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Good Starting Places: Reference Books

Reference books are a good place to start research. They can help you find background information, choose topics, and understand concepts and terminology. To access online resources from off campus you will need a your My Chemeketa user name and six-digit password; host provider students may obtain a login from the instructor or librarian.

Encyclopedias & Handbooks 

Specialized encyclopedias, which cover a single subject area, have longer and more detailed treatments of subjects than either dictionaries or general encyclopedias. The best and most comprehensive online encyclopedias of medicine are the
   Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
   Salem Health (online Magill's Medical Guide).

More medical encyclopedias



These dictionaries define specialized terms, identify important figures and concepts, and explain symbols.

Medical Dictionaries


Finding More Electronic Books

To access these books from off campus you will need your My Chemeketa user name and six-digit password. Type a word or phrase describing the subject in the search space below:


Finding Articles on Your Subject

All the electronic databases listed in this section may be accessed by going to the library's Database Page. If you are accessing the databases from a location other than Chemeketa Community College, remember to click the link marked, "Off-campus users."

Health & Wellness Resource Center [Gale] More information about this database
This database contains over a thousand magazines and journals, many in full text. Also includes online reference books, fact sheets, pamphlets, drug information, and videos.
CINAHL [EBSCOhost] (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) More information about this database
Indexes over 1,200 nursing, medical, & allied health periodicals, including hundreds of publications not included in MEDLINE. Also covers emergency medicine and biomedicine. To access new articles not yet included in the CINAHL database, use Pre-CINAHL by clicking on the "Change databases" tab. Tutorials on using CINAHL
CINAHL Dental Search
This version of CINAHL is set to limit results to Chemeketa dental journals. CINAHL indexes over 1,200 nursing, medical, & allied health periodicals, including hundreds of publications not included in MEDLINE. Tutorials on using CINAHL
Health Reference Center Academic [Gale] More information about this database
Index to over over 1200 periodicals, many in full text, covering a variety of medical fields. Also includes a medical encyclopedia and dictionary, as well as drug information and patient education material. Tutorial: How to Use Gale Periodical Databases
Nursing Resource Center [Gale] More information about this database
Nursing textbooks and journals, some in full-text, laid out to align with the Nursing process.
MEDLINE More information about this database
The world's largest database of medicine-related abstracts, produced by the National Library of Medicine. Video tutorials: How to Use Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) and How to Use MEDLINE to find evidence-based research
ScienceDirect Health College Edition Health & Life Sciences Collection More information about this database
Over 900 full-text, academic journals in the health and life sciences. Journals available in the collection are shown with a green icon (picture of subscribed icon with text You are entitled to access the full text of this document), indicating full text.
Supplementary database page
Access to a large number of medical databases on the Internet.


Image Databases

Britannica ImageQuest is a very large database with high quality images of all kinds of subject matter. Images have been cleared for educational use.

Images from the History of Medicine Provides access to images from the National Library of Medicine. There are approximately 70,000 images of all descriptions.


Special Guides


Internet Sites


Search medical sites with our customized search tool, or browse the descriptions below.


Browsing List

American Hospital Directory -
Look up any acute care hospital in the United States that treats Medicare patients. The on-line directory includes many measurements of hospitals and their performance [including:] Hospital Characteristics; Services Provided; Outpatient Statistics; Financial Reports; Inpatient Utilization; Costs and Charges." Click on "Free Search" to enter the directory.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -
The CDC is the U.S. government site of choice for information about the epidemiology specific diseases. Try the A-Z Index link, at the top of the page, for links to commonly-sought information. A sidebar on the home page also connects users to various topic areas, and a statistics area with an enormous amount of information.
Drugs@FDA -
The official U.S. Food and Drug Administration site for information about drugs. Searchable or browsable by drug name. In addition to active ingredients and dosage information, the site gives the drug's label and approval process history.
Healthfinder -
Database of reliable online health publications, clearinghouses, Web sites, self-help groups, government agencies, academic centers and nonprofit agencies. Includes a wide variety of consumer health information. Healthfinder® español contiene fuentes de informaciÓn confiables seleccionadas en español que le pueden servir de guía para tomar decisiones con relación a su salud.
Human anatomy online -
Interactive anatomy features images and animations of ten body systems. Anatomy lessons include general anatomy and the skeleton.
Martindale's Health Science Guide and Virtual Medical Center -
A vast site with links to all sorts of medical and health topics. If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, try searching for a keyword using your browser's Search command. (Note: Also includes links to a number of fascinating sites which have no relation to medicine.)
MEDLINEplus (National Library of Medicine) -
A good source for one-stop shopping on medical topics. It has a large number carefully-selected information sources grouped together. In addition to MEDLINE, (the National Library of Medicine index to medical journals), there are dictionaries, directories, databases, links to clearinghouses, organizations, and libraries. MEDLINEplus en español: Información en español sobre salud proveniente de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud y otras fuentes de confianza. MEDLINEplus también cuenta con programas interactivos de educación de salud sobre procedimientos quirúrgicos, exámenes y trastornos médicos, y hasta una enciclopedia de salud.
RxList - The Internet Drug Index -
This site, designed by a pharmacist, has information on over three thousand prescription drugs, including a list of the top two hundred drugs prescribed. Searchable by drug name. A description of each drug and its ingredients and information for patients is included. Also includes the searchable text of Taber's Medical Encyclopedia.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration publications
Electronic access to searchable databases and substance abuse prevention materials that pertain to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Incluye publicaciones gratis o en linea sobre drogadiccion y alcoholismo.

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