Here is a sample article citation:

Violence in the emergency room; By: Krock, A. J NURS ADM, 2001 Jan; 31(2):69-75 (journal article - research, charts)
Note: Chemeketa subscribes to this journal.
The article title is the first item in a CINAHL citation. The article title is also a link to more complete information about the article, including non-abbreviated title of the magazine and abstract when available.

The name or names of the author(s) appear next. First names are given as initials only.

Next is an abbreviation for the title of the magazine, the date of the article, the volume number, the issue number in parentheses.

The publication type appears next in parentheses. This is usually "journal article," but CINAHL does include other types of material, such as doctoral dissertations and book chapters.

A description of the type of article, e.g., "research," is usually included in parentheses. There may be multiple parenthetical notes about content.

A holdings note tells whether Chemeketa Community College Library subscribes to the journal.

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