Requesting Materials From Another CCRLS Library

You can request an item that is at one CCRLS library and have it delivered to another by using the "Request" feature in the catalog.

Click the "Request" link in the catalog for the item you want.

Picture of the Request button, text says Request On the screen that shows complete information for an item, a "Request" button is located at the top of the screen.

Picture of the Request link in catalog, text says Request In a list of books or other materials, "Request" links are found to the right of each title.

 Fill in your personal information on the form that appears.

Picture of the login screen
  1. In the space marked "Barcode," type the number from your library card, e.g., 23610003622817. It is not necessary to type all 14 digits of the number, only the last eight. (For those using a college ID card as a library card, the number is on the bottom of the card underneath the barcode; it starts with "236.")

  2. If you have already chosen a PIN (Personal Identification Number) or password in the catalog system, enter it in the space marked "Enter your PIN."
    • If you have not yet chosen a PIN in Millennium, enter your 6-digit date of birth. You will then be prompted to choose a new password/PIN.
    • If you have forgotten your PIN, and there is an e-mail address in your library record, you can click the "Forgot your pin" link. You can also call the library. The staff can delete your old PIN, which will allow you to leave the PIN space blank, and then choose a new PIN.
    • If you entered your birth date as a PIN, the computer will prompt you to type in a PIN of your choice, and to re-type it in confirmation. PINs may include alphabetic or numeric characters. Choose a combination that you can remember, because you can use this PIN to place future requests, renew books, or update your record. When you have typed the PIN twice, click the "Submit" button again.

Choose where you want the item sent

  1. To choose a location, click on the pickup location menu to expand the list, and choose the library where you wish to pick up the material by clicking on the library name.

    Picture of the menu for choosing a library for pickup; the number of libraries is reduced for clarity
    The pickup menu; only a few the 18 libraries are shown here.

  2. Click the "Submit" button.

  3. If you have requested a title that needs to be a specific copy, such as a magazine, or a book with multiple volumes, the computer will let you choose which copy you want.

  4. A message should appear saying "Your request for [title] was successful."

  5. You will be notified by telephone, e-mail, or postal mail when the requested item is ready to be picked up. You can add an e-mail address to your record or change the method of notification by logging into your library account. If you click "New search," you will see a "My account" link on the right. Click to log into your account.

To comment or request help, please e-mail Reference or call 503.399.5231.

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Updated: 2 December 2013