Colleges and Financial Aid

Scholarship Books in Chemeketa's Library

Look on the reference shelves in the area of 378.3 to see many scholarship books, including specialized resources such as Financial Aid For Native Americans. The starred books have the most general usefulness:

**The College blue book (Volume on scholarships)
R 378.73 C682 2002 v.5
The College Board college cost & financial aid handbook
R 378.34 C69
Directory of financial aids for women
R 378.3025 D62
Financial aid for African Americans
R 378.08996073 F49
Financial aid for Asian Americans
R 378.308995073 F49
Financial aid for Hispanic Americans
R 378.308968073 F49
Financial aid for research and creative activities abroad
R 378.3 Sch3
The Scholarship book
R 378.34 C27
**Scholarships, fellowships and loans
R 378.330973 F32

Internet Sources on Scholarships

College Board's Scholarship Search []
Free database of scholarship funds sources with customized searching features.
Get College Funds - Oregon Student Assistance []
Includes information on financial aid and scholarships available to Oregon students, one online application form for 160 Oregon scholarships and a link to federal FAFSA forms.
Fastweb []
Free, personalized scholarship search.
Finaid, The Smart Student's Guide to Financial Aid []
Includes information on the most common scholarship scams, calculators and other aids for figuring out your financial need and indebtedness.
Pacific Northwest Scholarship Guide []
Established by the College Planning Network, this regional guide is now available online.


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