Finding Encyclopedias on Specialized Subjects

Encyclopedias in the printed collection 

The Chemeketa Community College library  has a list that includes a selection of its printed encyclopedias. There may be additional encyclopedias and other reference books next to the listed books on the shelf. To find encyclopedias on additional subjects, see below.

Using the Library Search To Find Specialized Encyclopedias or Dictionaries

  1. Go to the the Library Search page.
  2. Type a word that describes your subject with "dictionar*" or "encycloped*."
           art AND dictionar*
    The asterisk (*) is a truncation character that tells the computer to find any word that begins with "dictionar" or "encycloped." That is: dictionary, dictionaries; encyclopedia, encyclopedias, encyclopedic.
  3. In the list of results, the location of a physical book, including the call number, follows Avalailable at. The book will probably be in the Reference section, shelved according to the call number.
  4. In the list of results, an electronic book will be distinguished by Online access. Click the View tab to see a link to the book.

If the library does not have a subject dictionary or encyclopedia on the specialized subject, try a slightly broader search. For example, if your topic is emeralds, you will find that Chemeketa has encyclopedias of gemstones, but no dictionaries of gemstones. You might try a keyword search for "mineral* dictionar*" to help you find a pertinent dictionary.

Encyclopedias in the electronic collection

Browsing Through Electronic Encyclopedias

The library provides a page that lists major electronic encyclopedias by subject.

Search: Finding Electronic Encyclopedias 

You can use the same Library Search described above. Next to the results, choose the "ebooks" facet under Refine My Results: Resource Type.

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