Specialized Subject Encyclopedias

Selected Specialized Encyclopedias

This is a very small selection of the special encyclopedias on the shelves of Chemeketa's library. Chemeketa also has many online encyclopedias; to find them go to the electronic encyclopedias page and try Gale Virtual Reference Library, Oxford Reference Online, Salem Press, or browse encyclopedias by subject.

General encyclopedias

General encyclopedias, such as the New Encyclopedia Britannica are found in the Reference collection under the Dewey Decimal number 031.

Philosophy and related disciplines (philosophy, psychology, ethics)

  1. Ref 100 R76          Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  2. Ref 150.321 C81      Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science
  3. Ref 174.95703 En1    Encyclopedia of Bioethics
  4. Ref 616.89003 En1    Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology & Psychoanalysis

Religion & Mythology

  1. Ref 200.321 En1      Encyclopedia of Religion
  2. Ref 289.303 En1      Encyclopedia of Mormonism
  3. Ref 291.13 M53       Facts on File Encyclopedia of World Mythology

Social sciences (economics, sociology, civics, law, education, vocations, customs)

  1. Ref 300.3 In8        International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
  2. Ref 301.03 En1       Encyclopedia of Sociology
  3. Ref 301.03 En1a      Encyclopedia of anthropology
  4. Ref 305.231 G13      Gale Encyclopedia of Childhood & Adolescence
  5. Ref 305.2603 En1     The Encyclopedia of Aging
  6. Ref 305.4203 G85     Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide
  7. Ref 305.800973 G13   Encyclopedia of Multicultural America
  8. Ref 305.803 En1      Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology
  9. Ref 306.766 En1      Encyclopedia of Homosexuality
  10. Ref 306.097 En1      Encyclopedia of World Cultures
  11. Ref 306.362 M226     Macmillan Encyclopedia of World Slavery
  12. Ref 306.446 En1      Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism
  13. Ref 306.903 En1      Encyclopedia of Death
  14. Ref 332.03 M92       Encyclopedia of Banking & Finance
  15. Ref 333.703 As3      Encyclopedia of environmental studies
  16. Ref 333.7903 En13    Encyclopedia of Energy
  17. Ref 362.2903 En1     Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol, & Addictive Behavior
  18. Ref 362.7044 C54     Encyclopedia of Child Abuse
  19. Ref 363.7 En1        Encyclopedia of global change
  20. Ref 370.7 En1        Encyclopedia of Educational Research
  21. Ref 370.3 En1        Encyclopedia of Education
  22. Ref 398.20973 Am3    American Folklore: An Encyclopedia

Criminology & Law

  1. Ref 342.73 En1       Encyclopedia of the American Constitution
  2. Ref 348.7303 W52     West's Encyclopedia of American Law
  3. Ref 364.03 En1       Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice
  4. Ref 365.97303 En1    Encyclopedia of prisons & correctional facilities

Science & Medicine

  1. Ref 004.03 En13      Encyclopedia of computers and computer history
  2. Ref 503 M17          McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
  3. Ref 530.03 B46       Encyclopedia of Physics
  4. Ref 540.3 M22        Macmillan Encyclopedia of Chemistry
  5. Ref 550.3 M22        Macmillan Encyclopedia of the Earth Sciences
  6. Ref 576.503 En1      Encyclopedia of genetics
  7. Ref 590.3 G92        Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia
  8. Ref 610.73 M27       Magill's medical guide
  9. Ref 615.503 N22      The encyclopedia of complementary and alternative medicine
  10. Ref 621.042 M22      MacMillan Encyclopedia of Energy
  11. Ref 621.38103 En1    Encyclopedia of Electronics
  12. Ref 635.903 Am3      Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers


  1. Ref 650.03 En1        Encyclopedia of business and finance

Art, Music, and Literature

  1. Ref 703 D56          Dictionary of Art
  2. Ref 780.3 N42        New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
  3. Ref 781.6603 H22     Encyclopedia of Rock
  4. Ref 803 B43          Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia
  5. Ref 803 M55          Merriam Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature

Geography and History

  1. Ref 909.097671 En1   Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim world
  2. Ref 930.1 En1        Encyclopedia of Archaeology
  3. Ref 940.5318 En1     Encyclopedia of the Holocaust
  4. Ref 950 En1          Encyclopedia of Asian History
  5. Ref 967.003 En1      Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara
  6. Ref 973.0497 G13     Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes
  7. Ref 972.003 En1      Encyclopedia of Mexico: History, Society & Culture
  8. Ref 973.03 D56       Dictionary of American History
  9. Ref 973.03 J63       Oxford Companion to American History
  10. Ref 973.0496073 En1  Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History
  11. Ref 980.003 En1      Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture

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