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This pathfinder will help you to learn some basic information sources. It is designed to be used with the "Library Exploration" assignment and will help you answer the questions on the handout.

Part I: the Online Catalog

The online catalog lets you search by keyword, author, title, or subject on its main search page. The page is preset to search by keywords; pulling down the keyword list lets you choose other options. The catalog covers all 18 libraries in the CCRLS group; you can choose to search all libraries, or a particular library, such as Chemeketa.

To access the library catalog, go to http://library.chemeketa.edu/information/cataloghome.php.

picture of catalog search form
                     Fig. 1: Search page

You can put a search word or phrase in the space, and click the Submit button to find items. In Figure 1 we have combined two ideas together with the word "and."

                Genetically modified AND food

finds any book that has the word "food" and the phrase "genetically modified" somewhere in the description.

When you click Submit or press the ENTER key, the catalog will display a list of items that match your search. Clicking on a title will show you more information about that item.

picture of catalog results
                     Fig. 2: Item information

Underneath the author (if any) and title of the item is the publication information, with the place of publication, name of the publisher, and date. This screen will tell you which libraries have copies of the item. If an item has CCC under Location, it is owned by the Chemeketa Community College library. This screen also includes the Dewey Decimal Call Number that indicates where the item is located on the shelf. If an item is checked out, the due date will be shown under Status.

Part II: Gale Database Searching

A recommended Gale database for allied health topics is Health Reference Center Academic. To access library databases, go to http://library.chemeketa.edu/information/database.htm and select Health Reference Center Academic. If you are off campus, you will be prompted for your My Chemeketa username and password.

Gale database keyword search

Part III: Internet Searching

A: Evaluating Internet Sources

Please study the three criteria for evaluating Internet sources, listed below.

Important considerations for evaluating information sources include:

  1. Authorship picture of quill pen
    • Who wrote the document?
    • Is there information about the author's qualifications for writing about this topic? (Education, experience, position?)
    • What organization provides the information?
  2. Objectivity  picture of scales
    • What appears to be the purpose for publishing this information?
    • Does what you know about the organization suggest a bias?
  3. Accuracy and Currencycheck mark
    • When was this document created or last updated?
    • Are there errors in spelling and/or grammar?
    • Can you spot any errors of fact?
    • Does the document list the sources of its information?

Below are three websites to examine. Please look over the sites with the above criteria in mind.

  1. Sweet Surprise: Fructose Hyperbole
  2. A Life Less Sweet
  3. High-fructose corn syrup

Do you think the information presented is reliable? Would you use any of it for an assignment? Would you use the services offered by one or both of these sites?

B: Internet Project from Library Exploration Handout

Below for your convenience is a table with the Internet sites on page 4 of your Library Exploration handout. You may use them to fill in the answers on your Internet Project. Two sites are especially useful. Healthfinder is a searchable directory of Web sites pertaining to health. You could, for example, type in "insurance" and get a list of links to health insurance sites. MedlinePlus also has a search engine. Both are U.S. government sites providing reliable health information.

www.ahima.orgHealth information management
www.ama-assn.orgAmerican Medical Association
www.cancer.orgAmerican Cancer Society
www.cdc.govCenters for Disease Control
www.healthfinder.govHealthfinder - Your Guide to Reliable Health Information
www.ihr.comInfertility resources
www.malehealthcenter.com/Male health issues
*www.medicinenet.comMedical information
www.medscape.com/homeLargest medical Web site
www.nejm.orgNew England Journal of Medicine
www.nih.govNational Institutes of Health
http://www.osha.gov/Occupational Safety and Health Administration
www.menopause.org/North American Menopause Society
www.nof.org/National Osteoporosis Foundation
www.rxlist.comDrug index
*medlineplus.govMedical information
www.womenshealth.orgEstronaut: A Forum for Women's Health
www.healthnewsreview.org/Health News Review
http://www.healthline.comHealthline medical information

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