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Sources for World History (HST111)

Books are available through the library catalog. Some reference sources are listed below.

Reference Sources in Chemeketa's Library


Chronology of women's history [R 305.409 OL8]
Beginning in prehistory and ending in the 1990s, this text provides brief narratives of general status and daily life, as well as a list of events, for each period.
The encyclopedia of world facts and dates [R 902.02 C23]
Begins in prehistoric times and ends in the twentieth century. Events of each year are grouped into areas such as "Disasters," or "Philosophy and Religion."
Chronology of World History [R 902.02 F87]
Important events arranged by year from 3, 000 B.C. to 1976. Divided also by world region.
Chronology of world history [R 902.02 M48]
In four volumes.
Chronology of the modern world, 1763 to 1992 [R 902.2 W67 1997]
5 volumes
Each year's events are presented in outline form.
Chronology of the expanding world, 1492 to 1762 [R 909.0802 W67 1994]
Each year's events are presented in outline form.
"Chronology of world history" from the World Almanac
A concise chronology of some important events, movements, and dates.
Columbia chronologies of Asian history and culture [R 950 C72]
Arranged by countries.
The Timetables of History [R 909.02 G92]
Arranged chronologically, provides information on important events from 4500 B.C. to 1900.

Biographical Information - General sources

Great lives from history. Renaissance to 1900 series [R 920.009 G79]
The premier biographical encyclopedia covering important, deceased persons.
And see Biographies: Finding Information about a person


National Geographic atlas of world history [R 909 G91]
A timeline with some maps and many color illustrations.
Atlas of world history [R 911 At61]
An Oxford publication.
Philip's Atlas of World History
Informative historical maps with explanatory text.
The Times atlas of world history [R Atlas Case 911 T48]
Maps detail earliest times through the twentieth centuries.

Dewey Decimal Numbers for Browsing

900 Geography and history
910 Geography and travel
920 Biography, genealogy, insignia (e.g., flags)
930 History of the ancient world
940 General history of Europe
950 General history of Asia 
960 General history of Africa
970 General history of North America
980 General history of South America
990 General history of other areas

Periodical Indexes

Academic OneFile, an Gale database, indexes articles in history journals and contains the full text of many. Access is available on the Database Page.

Additional Gale databases, and Supplementary Databases, are available.

Internet Sites

The History Guide -
Lectures on European history.
Historical Text Archive -
Historical "articles," including text of documents.
Internet African History Sourcebook -
Full-text source material for the study of African history from ancient times to modern. Arranged by subject and historical period.
Internet History of Science Sourcebook -
Texts in the history of science, arranged by historical period and subject matter.
Internet Islamic History Sourcebook -
Full-text source material for the study of Islam from the pre-Islam era to modern times. Arranged by historical period and subject.
Netlibrary -
A collection of electronic books accessible to Chemeketa Community College students.

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