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Information Resources for American History (HST201)

Reference Sources in Chemeketa's Library


Chronology of Native North American History [R 970.00497 C46]
Comprehensive listing of historical events concerning North American and Canadian Native peoples. Arranged by year.
"A Chronology of Slavery in North America" from Slavery and America
Covers important events from 1581 to 1865.
Chronology of World History [R 902.02 F87]
Important events arranged by year from 3, 000 B.C. to 1976. Divided also by world region.
Encyclopedia of American History [R 973.03 M83]
Yearly arrangement of events important in the history of the United States.
Great Events From History: North American Series [R 970 G79 1997]
5 volumes
Provides 2-3 page descriptions of North American historical events from 15, 000 B.C. to 1996.
The Timetables of History [R 909.02 G92]
Arranged chronologically, provides information on important events from 4500 B.C. to 1900.
The U.S.A.: A Chronicle in Pictures [R 973 W48]
Beginning in 1492 and ending in the year 1991, this text provides many illustrations which accompany concise time lines. Arranged by year.

Biographical Information - General sources

American National Biography [R 920.073 Am33]
The premier biographical encyclopedia covering important, deceased Americans.
Dictionary of American Biography [R 920.073 D56]
Short biographies of distinguished, dead Americans.
Great Lives From History: American Series [R 920.073 G79]
5 volumes
Accounts of lives and achievements of famous Americans. Arranged alphabetically by last name.

Biographical Information - Specialized sources

Black Women in America [R 920.7208996073 B56]
Arranged alphabetically by name or topic.
Native American Women [R 920.7208997 B32]
Arranged alphabetically by name.
Notable American Women 1607-1950 [R 920.720973 N84]
Arranged alphabetically by name.
Notable Black American men [R 920.7108996 N84]
Arranged alphabetically by name.
Notable native Americans [R 920.00297 N84]
Arranged alphabetically by name.
And see Biographies: Finding Information about a person


Atlas of African-American History [R 973.0496 C49]
Chronicles important events in the history of African Americans.
Atlas of American Indian Affairs [R 973.00497 P95a]
Covers the eighteenth through late twentieth centuries.
The Atlas of American Migration [R 304.80973 F61]
Maps detail earliest times through the twentieth centuries.
Atlas of the American Revolution [R Atlas Case 911.73 N27]
Period of the Revolutionary War.
Atlas of westward expansion [R 911.73 W54]
Covers the Colonial period through 1900.
The Historical Atlas of the American Revolution [R 911.73 W54]
Period of the Revolutionary War.
Historical atlas of the United States [R Atlas Case 911.73 N21]
A general historical atlas.
Lewis and Clark Trail Maps [R 912.78 P69]
A cartographic reconstruction of the route taken by the explorers.
United States history atlas [R 912.73 H18]
Philip's Atlas of World History
Informative historical maps with explanatory text.
Routledge Atlas of American History
Published in 2006, this atlas has 156 maps with accompanying text, covering the period up to the 21st century.

Encyclopedias and Other Reference Books

Americans at War
Covers major U.S. conflicts with emphasis on "cultural and social events and conditions on the home front."
Encyclopedia of the Lewis & Clark Expedition [R 917.804203 W85]
Covers the exploration of the West by Lewis and Clark.
Dictionary of American History [R 973.03 D56, and online]
Despite the name, this is a multivolume encyclopedia that serves as a one-stop source for American historical events.
Documents of American History [R 973 C73]
Texts of documents beginning in 1492 to 1973.
The Encyclopedia of colonial and revolutionary America [R 973.303 En1]
The early history of our country.
Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America
Covers colonial times to the early 21st century.
The Reader's Companion to American History [R 973.03 R22]
Alphabetical arrangement of articles describing key events and people in American history.
Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History [R 973.0496073 En1]
Illustrated, multi-volume encyclopedia describing historical eras, legal cases, and other events. Includes many biographical articles.
Slavery in America (Gale Library of Daily Life)
A two-volume encyclopedia. Table of contents is arranged by themes: The Middle Passage and Africa; The Business of Slavery; Work; Family and Community; Culture and Leisure.
Witchcraft in america
A one-volume encyclopedia.

Dewey Decimal Numbers for Browsing

Subject Call Number 
Early history, to 1607  973.1
Colonial Period, 1607-1775 973.2
Revolution and Confederation, 1775-1789  973.3
Constitutional Period, 1789-1809  973.4
1809-1845  973.5

Searching for books

You can use the library catalog to search for books. If you don't find what you want in our local catalog, you can click the "Summit" button in the search results page to pass your search through to the Summit Catalog. Chemeketa for-credit students, faculty, and staff may use Summit, the Orbis Cascade Alliance catalog, to request items from 36 member libraries in Oregon and Washington. Authorized users have access to all of the material in the Chemeketa Community College library, plus about 28 million items in Summit and may choose the Summit pickup location that is most convenient.

The catalog page has information on how to use the catalog and how to request items.

Periodical Indexes

Academic OneFile, a Gale database, indexes articles in history journals and contains the full text of many. Access is available on the Database Page.

Additional Gale databases, and Supplementary Databases, are available.

Internet Sites

AMDOCS Documents for the Study of American History -
A collection of primary documents organized by time period.
American Memory Historical Collections -
A large, multimedia meta-collection of historical materials including documents, photographs, recorded sound, and moving pictures. Supported by the Library of Congress.
Federal Government Resources: Historic Documents -
An extensive collection of links to U.S. historical documents online.
Making of America -
Browsable and searchable, MOA is "a digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. The book collection currently contains approximately 8,500 books with 19th century imprints." Also includes some 19th century American journals.
Netlibrary -
A collection of electronic books accessible to Chemeketa Community College students.

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