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Finding Articles

Articles in Magazines and Newspapers

Chemeketa's library subscribes to many magazines and newspapers. They are shelved just outside room 240 (the Instruction Room). Magazines are in ABC order on the shelves by the title of the magazine. Newspapers are shelved in bins along the wall. Some older newspapers are on microfilm or in computerized form.

Magazines may be checked out for one week. Newspapers do not check out.

Finding the Articles

The library has many indexes to magazines and newspapers available in paper or electronically from our database page

Gale databases
The library subscribes to more than a dozen databases through a service called Gale. Gale databases include both general and specialized subject databases. One of the general databases is General OneFile  How to use, which has many popular magazines.
Issues & Controversies  How to use
This is a magazine that the library subscribes to online. Issues & Controversies covers current and controversial subjects. *A good place to look for a current topic, if you don't have a very specific idea.
CQ Researcher  How to use
Like Issues & Controversies, this is a current-events magazine available online or in the library's reference collection. *A good place to look for a current topic, if you don't have a very specific idea.

If you are accessing these databases from off campus, you will need your My Chemeketa user name and password; host provider students may get in touch with the reference staff for a user name and password.

How to use the indexes

All the online indexes are easy, but each works in a slightly different way.

Issues & Controversies and CQ Researcher

Just go to the library's database page click on the name of the database. You will see a small search box near the top of the computer screen. Type a key word, for example "family," and press the Enter key. A list of topics will appear at right. Just click on the one you like.

If you wish to use either of these databases from off campus, you will need your My Chemeketa user name and password.

General OneFile  

The library has many indexes to magazines available in paper or electronically from our library home page (Click "Article Indexes and Databases" to reach the database page.)

Complete instructions for using General Onefile are available at How to Use Gale Periodical Databases.

When you click the Search button, a list of articles will appear. The newest articles will be at the beginning of a list. To see more information about an article, click on the highlighted title.

picture of article results list

You will have options presented as links to narrow your search results by subject if you wish. In our example, the subject options include "Emigration & immigration" and "Illegal Aliens," among others. To focus your list to a particular subject, you may click on one of these links.

Many articles have links to full text, where you can read or print the article online. If an article has full text, you can also e-mail it to yourself. More information on printing, saving, and e-mailing articles is at the Gale Periodicals database instructions page.

If the magazine is one the library has ("Chemeketa owns this periodical"), you will need the name of the magazine and the date to find it on the shelf.

Picture of subject button If your key word has many meanings, for example "classes," you may wish to use the subject search. Click the subjects button, type your search word, and click "Browse." A list of headings will appear. If the database does not use a term, sometimes there is a reference to a term it uses instead:

Picture of subject headings

When you have found your term, click on a blue "PERIODICAL REFERENCES" link, or see more specific subjects by clicking "Subdivisions" or "Related terms."

After you find a list of articles, you may want to narrow your search by showing only the articles that are in Chemeketa's library or are online. You can click the "Refine search" tab to do this.

picture of catalog subject search for author


Internet Sites

Here is a link to a World Almanac entry which explains Internet domain names

      Internet resources. (2009). World almanac and book of facts. Retrieved August 18, 2009 
            from Issues and Controversies. Facts on File News Services.

Evaluating Internet Sites (and other information sources)

Important considerations for evaluating information sources include:

 picture of quill pen


picture of scales


picture of check mark

Accuracy and Currency

Compare and evaluate these pages:

For further help, ask for assistance at the Reference Desk 

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