Literature Resource Center: A Guide

Literature Resource Center unites literary criticism, author biographies, work overviews, reviews, and definitions of literary terms in one convenient source. Articles in Literature Resource Center may come from books or from periodicals.

Access to Literature Resource Center

You will find a link to Literature Resource Center on the library's main Database Page. That page also has a link to Databases by Subject, where Literature Resource Center appears under Literature.

To access the database from off campus you will need your My Chemeketa user name and six-digit password.

Beginning a Search

The default screen is the Advanced Search. The screen provides many options, but for most searches using one or two lines of the search form at the top of the page is all that's needed.

picture of search form

The search for "Garcia Marqez, Gabriel" in the Person space brings up numerous articles of criticism, biography, and other information. The results are tabbed by type.

picture of rsults screen

Let's say you want to make your search more specific by looking for something about humor in the writings of Garcia Marquez. You might add a term "humor*" to your search in the Keyword space. The asterisk at the end of the search term tells the computer to find any word that starts with those letters: "humor*": humor, humorous, humorously.

picture of search screen showing search for Person Garcia Marquez Gabriel and Keyword humor*

This search finds several articles. If more are needed, you can change the search for "humor*" from a keyword search to a search through the full text of the document:

picture of search screen showing Garcia Marquez Gabriel and changing Keyword humor* to All Text humor*

When you click on the title of an article, you will see a page that has the full text of the article. At the top is a description of the article and a box that contains links for e-mailing, printing, and generating a citation.

Picture of article screen

To comment or request help, please e-mail Reference or call 503.399.5231.

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