About Summit

What Is Summit?

  • Request items (books, videos and more) from 36 academic libraries in OR & WA
  • Pick up items at the Summit dropsite most convenient for you
  • Choose from over 28 million items

Chemeketa for-credit students, faculty, and staff may use Summit, the Orbis Cascade Alliance catalog, to request items from member libraries in Oregon and Washington. The Orbis Cascade Alliance is a consortium of 36 college and university libraries.

Authorized Chemeketa users have access to all of the material in the Chemeketa Community College library, and they may request about 28 million items from Alliance libraries directly through the Summit catalog. The catalog also includes another 79 million non-Alliance items that may be requested via interlibrary loan.

Material requested in Summit will be sent to your institution's library, or you may set up a Visiting Patron account at the Summit library most convenient for you.

How Do You Use Summit? 

Pass-through search from the local catalog

When you search in the Chemeketa/CCRLS catalog a "Search Summit" you will see a link that says "Search for [search term] in Orbis Cascade Summit Catalog" to the right of your results list. If you do not find what you need in the Chemeketa/CCRLS catalog, click on Summit to pass your search through to the full Summit catalog.

Direct search

You may search Summit directly at http://summit.worldcat.org. All searches are by keyword. Use quotation marks around phrases.

Search results 

picture of Summit options to refine search

The first five results most releavant items. After that, Summit items display. Although a list of results may include items from non-Summit libraries, Summit items will be ordered first. Note: Clicking "View all editions and formats" removes the Summit-first ordering.

Although Summit items are first, within the list of Summit items entries are ranked by relevance. Relevance is determined by:

  • Whether the search terms appear in the title, author, or subject field of the WorldCat record
  • Proximity of the search terms to each other
  • The number of libraries that report owning the item
  • How recently the item was published

Because all searches are by keyword and entries are ranked by relevance, not all items with the same title will be together in the result list. Different editions or formats of the same work will each have their own record.

To refine your search, you can choose to click on one of many options under "Narrow by Format" or "Refine Your Search."

Summit Requesting 

In Summit, click the "Request Summit Item" link to have an item sent to your library, and choose Chemeketa from the dropdown list.

picture of Summit request button

Your Summit login consists of your last name and library barcode number, which is the 14-digit number starting with 236 at the bottom of your Chemeketa ID card.

picture of summit request dialog screen

Chemeketa personnel and for-credit students may also use other Summit libraries in person and borrow from them by setting up a Visiting Patron account.

To check on your Summit request, or to cancel a request, you can log into your account by clicking the "Sign in" link next to My Summit account on the Summit screen.

Most Summit books check out for six weeks and will be held for you six days at the pickup location. Most videos check out for six days and will be held for three days at the pickup location.


Unlike the old Summit, Summit WorldCat includes descriptions of articles in magazines and journals from a database called ArticleFirst. Click the purple "Find It @ Your Library" button to check for electronic text.

For printed periodicals (magazines, newspapers, and journals) a summary of available issues is listed when you click the "Check availability for this item" link.

How Do I Obtain a Library Barcode? 

Your Chemeketa Student ID card is your library card; a 14-digit barcode is printed at the bottom of the card. You can obtain a free Chemeketa ID card on the main campus in Salem at the Bookstore in Bldg 1.

Distant students and employees of Chemeketa, please see "Visiting Patron," below.

Distant students and employees of other Alliance schools, please see Obtaining a Summit Visiting Patron Card.

Chemeketa employees, please see How to obtain a Chemeketa employee library card for information.

Visiting Patron 

To register as a Visiting Patron at another Alliance library, you must go to that library prepared to log into your Chemeketa library record. You will use the barcode on your ID card. (It is a good idea to log into your Chemeketa patron record before going to the other library, to make sure that everything is in order. If you haven't ever logged into your record, try your six-digit birth date as a PIN. You'll be prompted to pick a new PIN or password.)

If you are a distant student and do not have a Chemeketa ID, before visiting another Summit library please call 503-399-5043 with your name, K number, date of birth, and phone number. Chemeketa will issue you a barcode number so that you can register at the other library. You may also e-mail the information to Chemeketa Circulation, but please be aware that your privacy cannot be guaranteed in an e-mail.

For a list and interactive map of Alliance libraries showing all 46 library locations, see http://orbiscascade.org/index/member-map.

For More Help 

Pointer to tipFor further information on using Summit, please see Summit Search Tips, or for help with searching and requesting get in touch with the reference librarians.

To comment or request help, please e-mail Reference or call 503.399.5231.

Address of this page: http://library.chemeketa.edu/instruction/summit.php

Updated: 2 December 2013