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This page contains web-based library guides that focus on single topics such as researching companies or career resources. Although designed for specific classes, they are available for anyone to use. Browse through the list below, or select a course number from the menu.

If you're looking for readings assigned by instructors, please search course reserves.

Bullet Art History (ART101)
Sources of information and suggestions for searching.

Bullet Art History: Middle Ages to 1500 (ART205)
Sources of information for works of art in this period.

Bullet Art History: Prehistory to Early Byzantine
Sources of information for works of art in this period.

Bullet Building Inspection (BLD193A)
Links to some sites for Building Inspection students.

BulletBusiness Communication Articles (BA214)
Articles about biometrics for BA214.

BulletBusiness: Finding Information About Companies (BA101)
A brief guide to some basic business information sources, to finding financial and stock information, to finding general background and annual reports, and to learning about finance terminology.

BulletCareer Exploration
Resources for exploring career possibilities on the Internet.

BulletCareers: Preparing for the Changing Workplace (FE220)
Career, job search, and service learning resources.

BulletChemical Dependency As a Disease (HS101)
There are lots of articles to support the idea that addiction is a disease, but finding them isn't straightforward. Here are some search tips.

BulletChicano/Latino studies resources
Resources for the study of Mexican American and Latino history, politics, and culture.

BulletEducation: Research In the History of Education (ECE150)
Sources for finding information on historic figures in education.

BulletElectronics Students: Researching Potential Employers (ELT111)
A guide for finding potential employers in this field, and for finding information about them.

BulletEthnic and Cultural Groups: Finding Information (ATH103; ED258)
How to find information on human cultures.

BulletEvaluation of Information Sources (hydraulic fracturing)
An exercise on evaluating and comparing five information sources about hydraulic fracturing and water quality.

BulletEvaluation of Information Sources (high fructose corn syrup)
An exercise on evaluating and comparing five information sources about high fructose corn syrup.

BulletFinding Information about Student Success
How to find information about student success in scholarly journals.

BulletFinding Oregon Environmental Information (BI101)
Finding and evaluating information on local and regional environmental topics.

BulletHospitality & Tourism Resources (HTM100-HTM280)
Sources of information for students in the Hospitality and Tourism program.

BulletIntroduction to the Library (WR115, WR121)
An introduction to some of the most generally-useful sources of library information, how to obtain additional material, and how to get help.

BulletInventors and Inventions (WR121, WR227, WS102)
Guide to finding reference resources, books, articles and web sites dealing with inventors and inventions.

BulletMath 252
A list of books selected for the Yamhill Valley Campus Math 252 course. These books will be available at YVC through spring term 2015. This list also includes full-text ebook and books that can be requested from other libraries.

Information on searching in the CINAHL and MEDLINE databases for NUR106 assignments.
BulletNursing Clinical: Finding evidence based articles
How to find evidence based articles using CINAHL and MEDLINE.

BulletPoetry: Library Resources (ENG106)
How to find criticism and biographical information for poets.

BulletPsychology: Finding Articles on Topics in Psychology
How to find peer-reviewed articles on topics relating to psychology; how to find supporting reference material, such as specialized dictionaries.

BulletRD080/WR080 Massey & Liss Fall 2011
Links to articles about Native Americans and historical/social issues.

BulletRD090/WR090 Massey & Slemenda Spring 2013
Links to articles related to González & Daughter Trucking Co.

BulletSalmon (BI132)
Sources of information on salmon, with emphasis on chinook and coho salmon.

BulletShakespeare: Library Resources (ENG203)
How to use the library to find criticism of Shakespeare's plays and general information about Shakespeare.

BulletSociology of the Family (SOC210)
Resources for studying the family in its social context.

Bullet SP112 - Chou
Resources for Cerbrina Chou's Speech 112 course. Finding information comparing/contrasting cultures and communication in the United States and another country.

bullet Substance Abuse Information Resources for Human Services Students
Books, articles, and indexes for substance abuse information.

BulletTechnical Writing (WR227). See also WS102
Library resources for technical writing, including finding professional associations, trade publications, and government documents

BulletTolkien Sources (ENG221)
Sources for research on the author, J.R.R. Tolkien.
BulletWine Sales and Distribution Plan (VWM272)
Suggested priodicals, reports and websites.

BulletWine Marketing: Assessing and Targeting the Market (VWM273)
Suggested priodicals, reports and websites.

BulletWine Marketing Introduction (VWM170)
Suggested priodicals, article databases and websites.

BulletWR121 Resources (Frischmann)
Guide to using Lexis-Nexis Academic to find articles from other countries and geographic areas.

Bullet WR121 Resources (Richardson)
Library resources for composition, including how-to information on their use.

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