Services for Borrowers

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Outline of Services for Borrowers


You can use either a Chemeketa ID card or a public library card from public libraries in CCRLS system to check out materials. Students from colleges and universities in the Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit libraries) may borrow materials at Chemeketa by registering as a visiting patron.

Chemeketa participates in the Oregon Library Passport program. Patrons from participating libraries are eligible to obtain a card at Chemeketa and to check out three items at a time. Passport borrowers must return the books at Chemeketa's library. Not all CCRLS libraries participate in the Passport program.

Length of checkout:

  • Books - 3 weeks
  • Magazines & journals - 1 week
  • Circulating media - 1 week
  • You may renew material up to three times if no one else has requested it:
  • Fines are $0.25 per day for late returns; $0.25 per hour for late 2-hour reserves; $1 per hour for late 4-hour reserves and $1 per day for all other late reserves.

Obtaining a Borrower Card

How to Obtain a Chemeketa Student Library Card:

Your Chemeketa Student ID card is your library card. Always bring it with you to the library.

You may obtain a free Chemeketa ID card on the Salem campus at the Bookstore in building 1 or at the Yamhill Valley campus in McMinnville in building 1 at the front desk.

With this card you may check out library materials and request materials through the library search. You may also use library computers and printing.

How to Obtain a Chemeketa Employee Library Card:

Your employee ID card is your Chemeketa library card.

You can obtain a free Chemeketa Employee ID through the Public Safety Office in Building 2. You will need to ask your supervisor to fill out a key request form for you in advance.

To use your Employee ID card as your library card, stop by the library Circulation desk to activate your card. This is a fast and easy process and will allow you the ability to check out materials, request materials within CCRLS and Summit catalogs, and use student or public computers on campus.

This card will not give you on-site checkouts at any of the public libraries in the CCRLS system.

How to Obtain a Public Library Card:

You can apply for a Public Library Card at the public library that serves the location where you reside. To apply for a card you will need to bring valid Picture ID (such as a valid Oregon Drivers License or Oregon ID card) that has your current residence address on it.

Anyone living inside Marion, Polk, or Yamhill County is eligible for a Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library Service (CCRLS) card. However, there are many types of cards depending on where you live. To find out more about these cards we recommend contacting your local public library.

Students living outside the city limits may take their Chemeketa Student ID and proof of class registration to their local CCRLS public library to receive a 25 item access library card good for the current term.

Important Information about Your Library Card:

  • Items checked out on your card are your responsibility.
  • If you lose your card, please contact any CCRLS library immediately, you will be held responsible for any items checked out. Replacement cards cost $1.00.
  • If you have not used your card within two years, you will be asked to apply for a new one.

Obtaining a Summit Visiting Patron Card

Students and employees from colleges and universities in the Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit libraries) may borrow materials at Chemeketa by registering as a visiting patron. To register as a visiting patron, you must present picture identification, such as your driver's license, and be prepared to log into your home institution's library record. Please call your school's library if you need credentials or instructions for logging into your home library account.

When you come to register at Chemeketa's Circulation Desk, you will be asked to log into your library account at your home college or university library. You will be issued a visitor card to check out books from Chemeketa's library or make Summit requests to be delivered for pickup at Chemeketa.

Obtaining an Oregon Library Passport Card

Patrons from other Passport Libraries are eligible to apply for a card at Chemeketa. In order to register, patrons are required to have a card at their Home Library first. This becomes his or her "Passport" to other Participating Libraries. Passport patrons should present their Home Library cards at the Circulation Desk in order to register for a card.

Interlibrary Loan Services

Please see our interlibrary loan page.

Equipment and Facilities Services

Computers & Printing

picture of pc reservation screen
Picture of Student Computer Screen

  § Student Computer Center

Ninety-six computers are available for employee, student, and public use until 15 minutes prior to closing. These computers have Microsoft Office Suite 2010, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome web browsers. Inquire at the Instructional Assistant's desk in the Student Computer Center in the about specialized software available on specific computers. If you need help using these programs, the Instructional Assistant on duty can help you.

  • Computers with a yellow Student Computers tag on the screen can be used for two hours with a Chemeketa ID barcode number.
  • Computers with a purple Student Computers tag on the screen can be used for classwork. They require checkin at the Instructional Assistant's desk at the back of the Student Computer Center area. Log in with a Chemeketa ID barcode number.
  • Computers with a green CCRLS Public Library Cards or CCC Temporary Cards tag on the screen can be used for a total of 120 minutes per day with a CCRLS public library card barcode number. They are located between the Instruction Room entrance and the paperbacks.
  • Computers with a blue 15-Minute Express PC tag on the screen are Express Computers for 15 minute use. These computers are located near the entrance Log in with a CCRLS public library card barcode number or a Chemeketa ID barcode number.
  • Visitors without cards should ask at the Circulation Desk about available options.

Reservations can be made for same-day computer use at the reservation kiosk near the Student Computer Center Instructional Assistants' desk. The reservation system allows two hour use with one hour renewal for current Chemeketa students and employees unless other reservations for a station already exist. CCRLS public library card holders are allowed up to 120 minutes per day. During the term, Instructional Assistants are conveniently located near the reservation kiosk to answer computer-related questions. Black and white prints cost $0.05 per page.

For information about the printing system, please see our Printing help.

  § Instruction Room (Room 240)

Twenty computers are available for Chemeketa student or employee use when the room is not being used by Library staff for instuction or training. These computers are also equipped with MS Office Suite and web browsers. To log in, click the "Available" link and enter a Chemeketa ID barcode number. Black and white prints cost $0.05 per page.

 § Netbook Computers

Students can check out netbook computers for periods of four hours or 72 hours. A reservation can be placed by contacting the circulation desk (503.399.5043). Two external DVD drives are also available.


See also Computers under Adaptive Use Equipment, below.

Copy Machines

The library has two black and white photocopy machines. Copies cost $0.05 per page and accept coins or $1 bills. Transparency sheets may be purchased at the Circulation desk for $0.40.

Quiet Group Study Rooms

There are nine quiet study rooms (220-223 and 226-231) and one media viewing rooms (219) in the library. Study rooms accomodate up to six students; viewing rooms six to ten. Rooms may be reserved for the current week by adding names on the weekly calendar located outside each individual room. Room schedules for the following week are available at the Circulation desk beginning Monday of the previous week. Rooms may be reserved for up to four hours.

Special Equipment

  § Cassette Tape Recorders

Students and public patrons are welcome to check out casette tape recorders for in-library use with a current library card. Tape recorders are available to current Chemeketa employees for use outside of the library.

  § Microfilm/Microfiche Reader/Printers

Two machines are located in the media viewing area. Black and white prints are $0.10 each, payable at the Circulation desk.

  § Netbook Computers

Students can check out netbook computers for periods of four hours or 72 hours. A reservation can be placed by contacting the circulation desk (503.399.5043). Two external DVD drives are also available.

  § Video Camera

A camera is located in study room 219 and is reservable at the Circulation desk with a current library card.

  § Typewriters

Two typewriters are available on the South side of the Media Viewing area.

  § Adaptive Use 

Services for students with disabilities at Chemeketa are coordinated through the Disability Services office. Library carrels and workstations are adjusted to a height which accommodates most wheelchairs. Some "extra-high" stations are available. The Library Instruction Room has adjustable keyboard trays.


Computer resources for library users with visual or motor impairments include computers with Dragon Naturally Speaking for voice input, and Jaws For Windows for voice output. Trackballs are also available. These computers, in library rooms 224 and 225, are reserved through the Circulation desk. Use of these machines requires an accommodation letter, stating a need for assistive technology, from Disability Services. For more information please contact Disability Services.

Video Phone

A video phone is available for use in Library room 224. Please see the Circulation desk for reserving this equipment. (No accommodation letter is required.)

Enlarging Machine

A machine for enlarging the text of printed material for reading is available in the library. (No accommodation letter is required.)

To comment or request help, please e-mail Reference or call 503.399.5231.

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