Yamhill Valley Campus Computer Lab

‚ÄčThe Student Computer Lab is located on the second floor of Building 1 on the Yamhill Valley Campus (YVC). The computer lab has 27 computers and is part of the Library and Tutoring Center at YVC. The lab can also serve as a library instruction room.

To schedule library instruction, faculty can contact the center directly by phone or by email

Enrolled students (student ID required) are welcome to use the lab. Computers run the Windows operating system and software. Students may use the lab for general or course-related work. Tutors are available to help. Printing and photocopying is available at a small cost.

Open during library hours. See Library Hours for exceptions and holidays.

Contact Us

Yamhill Valley Campus
Building 1, Room 202
Phone: 503.316.3238
E-mail: Yamhill Library and Student Computer Lab