Reference Services

picture of chemeketa students being helped by reference librarian

Reference librarians are available to help you find information during the academic terms for most library hours. You are welcome to call the reference desk at 503.399.5231, chat, or e-mail us using the convenient form.

Online Services

BulletChat Reference  

Use the widget below to chat with a Chemeketa librarian. Or, if the Chemeketa librarian is not online, you can still chat with a librarian from our online reference cooperative, Answerland. Please type in the box next to the blue Send button.

It's optional to include an e-mail address, but it's strongly recommended; if for some reason your question can't be answered immediately, we'll be able to get back to you with an answer.

BulletE-mail reference help  
Have a question? Use the link below to send us a reference question. Please be as specific as possible. To help us, please describe how the information will be used. For example: a ten page research paper or a five minute speech. Also, what sources have you already searched?

     E-mail Reference

Be aware that some questions cannot be easily answered via email or over the telephone. In this case, a visit to the library would be required.

During the academic year, a reference librarian will respond to your question within one business day. Due to shorter hours during the summer, responses during the summer term will be within three business days. Questions submitted between terms will not be answered until the next term begins.

For a listing of library hours, please see the Schedule page.

For more information about reference services at the Chemeketa Community College Library, contact the Reference Department at 503.399.5231, or visit us in Building 9, second floor.