Library Guidelines on Food & Drink

Small snacks and drinks in approved containers are permitted in most areas of the Chemeketa Community College Library.

Users are liable for any damage to library property and equipment caused by food or drink. It is never acceptable to consume alcohol or use tobacco products of any kind in the library (college policy #2250 POL and college policy #2255).

Library staff members have final approval of any sort of food, beverage, or container allowed in the library and reserve the right to exclude any food, beverage, or container for any reason.

Food and drink should not be consumed at the computer stations.


Drink containers must be spill-proof with a securely fastened lid.

The following drink containers are acceptable:

  • Spill-proof mugs (such as travel mugs, screw-top containers, or sports bottles) with the top attached at all times
  • Leak-proof manufacturer containers with lids that close securely, either twist on or pop-top sports type.

The following drink containers are NOT acceptable:

  • Cans
  • Open mugs with no lids
  • Paper coffee cups or soft-sided containers with lids
  • Containers with non-secure straws
  • Juice boxes

Acceptable Food

Small snacks such as vending machine snacks are permissible in the Library as long as they are consumed in a respectful manner. Strong-smelling, greasy, crunchy or overly messy foods are not allowed in the Library. Users eating foods that disturb other patrons will be asked to put the food away. Anyone refusing to put food away will be asked to leave the Library. No food deliveries to the library for individual patrons or small groups of students are permitted. Library-sponsored events and meetings may involve catered items.

Proper disposal of cups and wrappers

Patrons must clean up after themselves. Patrons are responsible for taking drink and food containers with them when they leave the library, or for disposing of them in trash receptacles in the building. Food and drinks left unattended or in unapproved containers may be confiscated and discarded.

Food and drink still pose a risk to Library collections, equipment, and furnishings, but we hope that Chemeketa Community College Library users will be considerate and responsible when consuming food and drink in the Library in order to continue this privilege.

Report spills or concerns to a Library staff member at the Service Desk.