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Help Connecting to College WiFi & Public Internet Access

  • Where to Find It

    The wireless network is available in all college buildings. Chemeketa wifi has been extended to specific areas of the parking lot at the Salem and Yamhill Valley campuses and at the Woodburn, Polk and Brooks centers. Students can connect to the internet while staying in their cars and maintaining social distancing.

    Maps showing college Wi-Fi coverage and other information

    Your public library may also have computers and free wifi available. Contact your public library for more information.

  • Connecting to the College Wi-Fi


    Connection Support: 

    • Walk in to the library to get help from the Computer Center Instructional Assistants
    • Computer Center - Call 503.399.2543,  or  
    • IT Help Desk at 503.399.7899

    Connection Self Help:

    • If you have a previous connection to CCCStudent or CCCEmployee, forget it on your device
    • Connect to the network CCC-Connect
    • You will be redirected to a login page (
    • Use your regular Chemeketa username and password to log in
    • Follow the instructions presented
    • Once you have completed the process, use the CCCStudent or CCCEmployee network